Every Damn Morning: A Year with Chris Heria

Every Damn Morning: A Year with Chris Heria
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Chris Heria is a brilliant Youtuber and Athlete, surely you can be a ciarru too!

This story starts from the end.

When the finish line was crossed, there was celebration and people went home.

This is the second time I have published an article that took an entire year to write.
Both times were challenges, but if the first seemed like a challenge to myself, this one had more the flavor of a beginning to the most tortured discipline dependent on our one and only constant: accomplishment. I had no lack of inspiration or lack of time to write it, it simply took a year for the succession of accomplishments of a path that allow me, today, to tell you about a challenge, a long year in the company of myself and an example from which I can learn every day, just follow it.

Chris Heria is a very famous Calisthenics champion and Youtuber and every morning, and when I say every morning I mean every morning, I see him and we train together.

Chris was born in ’91 and has a 10-year-old son, Zen. He represented the United States in the World Street Workout. His app, Chris Heria Pro, helps structure workouts.
Chris sells himself; he is a demonstration in himself of what you can be. He wasn’t born that way, but he has committed himself demonstrating how every obstacle is swept away by will and trial and error. That is not all. The best he can give you are his YouTube channels, one of which is personal and another that bears the name of his company, namely Thenx, where there are lots of videos of workouts, tips on everything related to weights to be a true modern-day Ciarru, and last but not least the discipline in which Chris is a specialist:


Come to that, searching from time to time for YouTube videos of workouts or finding videos in half with pseudo cartoons doing the exercises I wanted to see, to look like they were drawn by The Asylum Productions, or there were personal trainers who although they tried their hardest didn’t give me that stimulation and didn’t have that video montage that combines description and practice in a way that not only clarified but also enticed.

That's right: entice

Because when you’re overweight and you need to start your own journey, you not only need to stimulate yourself, you need to be.

So I discover Chris and every now and then I watch some of his videos, but years go by and I stay the same, in fact I get worse, then a year of dieting and effort begins and I lose 23 Pounds.

Long story? Yes, but here we start from the end, actually two endings, and this is one.

The other is that of a year spent with Chris and his teachings and videos. Workouts and advice on how to start such a difficult discipline as Calisthenics, explained with humility and simplicity, making it clear that nothing is easy and that perseverance is the secret of every great athlete, indeed every great in his field.

Every day, for free, you can watch dozens of videos with challenges and morning routines, and here comes the icing on the cake. A year ago I started watching one of Chris’s many workouts, which must strictly take place in the morning as soon as you wake up and will take up 5 minutes of your day, a simple routine made up of 100 squats in 10 sets of 10.

Don’t worry, it took me a month to complete it and after the first 32 I thought I was going to end up in orthopedics, but we talked about two things here: consistency and finish.

Accomplishments that optimize our goal through a little bit of effort.

I have been doing this training for a year now, plus several others. It is an appointment, a good morning that establishes who you are and what you want to be, in your room, in your small and personal gym, for a simple parenthesis to become a sentence within a day baptized and decided by the small accomplishment of

Every Damn Morning.

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